Green Street Green Primary School



At Green Street Green, we have tailored the English curriculum to ensure that our children are equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, and understanding to be lifelong learners and competent linguists. The English curriculum is essential, as it supports learning in every area of school life. We strive to provide children with meaningful experiences, that support their development in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.


In order to support our pupils with this, we value the importance of phonics, decoding, and spelling throughout their school journey. Within teaching, staff encourage children to read critically, develop their inference and prediction skills, as well as being able to confidently discuss the author’s choice of language and the impact this can have. Children are exposed to a number of quality texts across a range of genres, including those from other cultures. Children are also supported to be fluent linguists, speaking confidently, effectively and ambitiously. We encourage children to voice their opinions, concerns and ideas in all areas of the curriculum. We have formed the children’s learning around their interests and needs, ensuring that they have the opportunities to dive into a rich and varied curriculum.

Through the adoption of ‘The Power of Reading’ programme, we foster a love of reading and writing from the very start of their school journey, encouraging children to consider the purpose and audience of their writing, while still developing independence and individual style. In this ever-changing world, we marry English with other engaging curriculum areas to support children with their digital literacy, preparing them for further education and to support them in moving a step closer in achieving their future aspirations!


When children leave Green Street Green, they are not only able to read, but we encourage them to go one step further, and our young people choose to read. They understand the importance of reading, and the excitement and experiences they can gain from different texts.

We aim to ensure that children leave Green Street Green with the ability to write for a range of purposes, incorporating their knowledge of spelling, and demonstrating their own personal flair.


English as Another Language (EAL)

Children with EAL are taught within the classroom and receive support from a trained teaching assistant who works in conjunction with the SENCo. Opportunities to celebrate the increasing diversity of native languages within our school are taken whenever possible.