Green Street Green Primary School

Enrichment and Inclusion Team

At GSGPS, we have an Enrichment & Inclusion Team which is responsible for the early identification of pupils who are identified as being disadvantaged or who are suspected as having a Special Educational Need / Disability (SEND). The EIT is comprised of four highly experienced members who bring a wealth of expertise from a variety of backgrounds and roles, both past and present. The colleagues who have membership within the EIT are as follows:

Mr. Mead - Strategic Lead for Enrichment & Inclusion

With specific oversight for initial SEND concerns (Targeted Support) and referrals, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Speech & Language Therapy (SALT), therapeutic support, nurture and disadvantaged pupil groups.

Mrs. Morkill - SENDCo, Inclusion Lead and Senior Mental Health Lead

With specific oversight for mainstream Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs), inclusion and SEND provision at GSGPS, mental health and wellbeing and overseeing the transitioning of more complex SEND cases from ‘Targeted Support’ to ‘Specialist Support’.


Ms. Peake - Lead for Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) at GSG Primary School

With specific oversight for ARP Education Health Care Plans (EHCPs), Reverse Integration and Speech and Language Provision. 

Miss Barnes - Family Worker

With specific oversight for initial SEND concerns (Targeted Support) and referrals, Speech & Language Therapy (SALT), Therapeutic Support and Young Carers.

Each colleague oversees the leadership and management of specific remits, all of which are brought together under the EIT ‘umbrella’. By working collegiately with a child's class teacher, the EIT is responsible for the forging of personalised action plans and pathways geared towards opening up support and opportunities for learners so that they are able to thrive and reach their full potential. By working in this way, our aim is to remove the barriers to learning so that a child can make the necessary progress. Please click on the letter to parents and supporting documents below for further information.

Whilst all initial concerns or inquiries from parents must be forwarded directly to their child's class teacher in the first instance, the EIT can be contacted using the following email address:


The Enrichment & Inclusion Offer at GSG Primary School