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Governor Information

The Governing Board is accountable to the SOLA Multi-Academy Trust which is in turn accountable to the Department of Education. SOLA is responsible for the money that has been delegated to the school.

The Local Governing Board oversees the running of the school and is also responsible for the standard of education the school provides. There are particular statutory responsibilities in relation to, for example, admissions, attendance and behaviour, curriculum, provision for children with special educational needs, premises, staffing, finance, complaints and inspections.

In essence, the conduct and overall management of the school is under the direction of the Governing Board. They work at the strategic level, the day-to-day management of the school is the responsibility of the Head of School, who reports to the Governing Board.

Our Governing Board consists of:

  • The Head of School
  • Up to 4 Governors who are parents and are directly elected by the parent body
  • Up to 2 Governors who are employed by the academy and who are directly elected representatives of the staff;
  • Up to 7 Co-opted Governors
  • Clerk to the Governing Body

Governors are appointed for a term of 4 years. Parent Governors can complete their term even if their child leaves the School.

Governing Body Information 2023-2024

Governing Body Register of Interests 2023-2024

Governors also have particular responsibilities in the following areas:

  • Safeguarding
  • Disadvantaged and Recovery
  • Special Education Needs and Disabilities
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk

Governor Profiles

The strategic direction of the school, oversight of finances and scrutiny of educational standards is carried out by the local governing body.

These governors are held to account for their work by the SOLA Multi-Academy Trust. Here is the current local governing board at Green Street Green Primary.

Ms M Kaur– Headteacher

Having worked in education for over twenty years, I have enjoyed various roles such as: Headteacher, Specialist Leader in Education and Primary Education Consultant. Always looking for ways to inspire and engage children as well as ensuring they are ‘ready’ for the next stage in their learning, remains my passion. Along with the staff and governors, I also want to ensure that every child has a happy and fulfilled journey at Green Street Green Primary. Alongside the school community, I aim to provide a nurturing, stimulating and challenging education at Green Street Green Primary where every child receives the best educational start in our ever changing world.

Mr A Reeves – Chair of Governors, Co-Opted Governor

I joined the Governing Body in December 2018. I am passionate about children developing to their full potential and wanted to offer my business experience to the school. 

I am a self-employed IT consultant with over 20 years of delivering technology projects for a variety of blue-chip clients. 

When my children were at primary school I served on their PTA/SHA and for the last 10 years I have been a Trustee of a children's charity operating in the London Borough of Lewisham.

  Ms E Sundblad - Co-Opted Governor

I am a British diplomat with five children aged 9 to 25, which means I have twenty years of involvement with primary education as a parent. My job takes me abroad regularly so in addition to British and British International schools my children have attended Swedish state and American International schools. I have served on school boards overseas and now that I am back in the UK I want to use these experiences for the benefit of my local community.

I believe the role of a governing body is to support the Head and staff in providing a learning environment that meets the needs of all pupils, which includes constructive challenge when appropriate. My background means I can bring some new perspectives to the work of the governing body and the school as we strive to deliver our vision and values. 

Dr S Jabbar - Co-opted Governor

I look forward to making my contribution to Green St Green Primary School’s Governing Board as a Co-Opted Governor.

I am a qualified accountant and have worked in the Civil Service for the last 16 years. I can add value by sharing my understanding and experience of central government; this is complemented with my hands-on experience of raising 3 children, as a working mother.

One of the reasons for becoming a governor as that I would like to give back to the community. My children have grown up and gone to university, I now have the capacity to dedicate the time required to make a significant impact in the role. Another reason is that I value education highly; I would like to make a positive contribution to children’s education as I believe education is pivotal to a child’s development and progress.

Professor E Ademola - Co-opted Governor

I am a Pastor, Author and Professor and so have wide experience and up to date knowledge in teaching, leadership and management.  I am a fellow of the Royal Society and chartered fellows of Chartered Management Institute and British Computer Society as well as other professional bodies of international repute. I have authored books in theology/process management, ethics and cybersecurity and regularly review journal articles on information communication technology and education communication technology. As a Governor (Co-opted), I bring close to three decades worth of teaching, leadership and management experience.  In my role I aim to support the governance at Green Street Green Primary.  I am very passionate about children developing their fullest potential and committed to giving back to the community.

 Ms F Tate - Co-opted Governor

I am Francesca Tate and I joined the Governing Board early in 2020 as a Co-Opted Governor. I am a Management Consultant and have several years experience working in the Energy and Chemical Industries for a range of clients. I am very familiar with running teams, identifying and solving problems, finding unique solutions, developing and executing strategies and more.  All of which can be transferred to a role of a Governor. 

I want to use my experience and knowledge gained from within business to provide a positive impact on the local community where I grew up. I am excited to be joining Green Street Green at this time and look forward to working with everyone within the School Community to achieve our objectives. 

Mr D Wanostrocht - Staff Governor

I have been a teacher at Green Street Green since 2014 and I have previously been a staff governor. Since joining the school, I have worked across the key stages, both as a class teacher and a Phase Leader. I have had the privilege of seeing so many children grow as they move through the school, and I understand the importance of providing the children with opportunities to grow both academically and personally. I have an interest in behaviour, and have completed national qualifications to support my leadership skills in this area. I am also a Mental Health First Aider, and I am passionate about the mental health and well-being of our children, supporting them to develop the skills to succeed. I am looking forward to using my skillset to help promote the further development of our school community.

Mrs H Sullivan (Parent Governor)

I am Hannah Sullivan, a Mum of two children who both attend Green Street Green school, and a Speech and Language Therapist by background.

I have over 12 years’ experience of working in schools across the London Boroughs of Bromley, Bexley, Lewisham, Southwark and Lambeth, contributing to the development of services to best meet the needs of children and young people.

I am passionate about enabling children to achieve their full potential and recognise this is often achieved by access to the correct support, at the correct time, delivered in the correct way.

In the role of parent governor, I look forward to supporting the school team in continuing to ensure that Green Street Green is a place where children thrive.

Mrs E Tibbitts (Parent Governor)

Mother to one of our new reception starters, Emma brings nearly 15 years' experience teaching and leading across Early Years and Primary to Green Street Green. Previously she has held roles as head of school and deputy head and has been a lead EYFS consultant across a large federation of schools within London. Currently, Emma is the Director of her Education Consultancy Business, and her main roles include - EY curriculum adviser for the National Association of Able Children in Education; Head of the Primary and EY curriculum team for Nord Anglia Education; and as (voluntary) Parish Safeguarding Officer for St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks.

With Emma’s extensive expertise coupled with the regular opportunities to inspect and work alongside many settings across the country, she has a very strong sense of what constitutes strong school practice. She is deeply passionate about the quality of the learning experience and the learning environment for all children and is excited at the opportunity to bring her experience of EY and Primary to support the great teaching and learning at GSG.

Mr J Harris (Co-opted Governor)

My name is James Harris and I am currently a University Lecturer and Company Director. My background is in law enforcement and I was a Police Officer for 10 years before joining academia. I am therefore very familiar with critically analysing information, working in teams and probing for detail, which I believe will serve me well as a Governor.

I am keen to use these skills and experience to serve my local community and support the education of our children. I am looking forward to hopefully joining the board and working with the school and others.

Mr P Reavley (Co-opted Governor)

I joined the Governor's Board as a Co-opted Governor in September 2023. I recognise the incredible impact a high quality education has had on my life and am keen to do what I can to help others receive the same benefit. I have two adorable young daughters, the first of whom is approaching school age, so I have developed a particular interest in primary education. I am keen to engage with my local community to share knowledge and strive for continuous improvement.

I am a private equity and infrastructure investor and Chartered Accountant and have worked across a range of industries and businesses from healthcare to fibre broadband to housebuilding. I will draw on that experience to make a positive difference. 

Full Governing Body Meetings

We are required by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) to publish attendance details of Governors Meetings:

Meeting Attendance 2023-2024


Please email the school office at if you require a copy of the agenda or minutes of any school governor meeting.