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Helping Out


Why not become a "Friend" of the SHA? If you are unable to commit to being a full committee member, but would like to keep in touch with what's going on, or you might even be able to help out occasionally, please complete a "Friends of the SHA Form", which can be found on the SHA section of the school website, or collect one from the School Office.

Perhaps you could pour wine at an event or helping our outgrown uniform team. We’ve got a job to suit all talents! The aim of the SHA is to improve the experience of every child at the school, by raising money to pay for the little and quite often big, 'extras' that help to make their school days special and memorable. BUT, we would be nothing without YOU! If you would like to find out more, please contact our current Chair by email at

You can help the SHA in many ways


Check out our latest newsletter HERE for our new events and planned activities!

Is there anything in it for me?

It’s a great way to meet parents and carers with children in different year groups and to learn more about how the school works, meet the staff in a less formal setting.

Lots of working parents have found that it’s a good way to link-up with the school.

We try to keep things light-hearted and have even been known to go to the pub after a meeting!