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House Points System

House System

We have four school houses: Parker Lynx; Fox Panthers; Hollowell Jaguars; and Durrant Tigers.

The children all belong to one of the Houses and they can be given House Points by any of the staff working in the school. These special points can be given for many different reasons like: producing good work, being really helpful, trying very hard or responding quickly to an adult’s instructions.

The House system was launched in 2006 and has evolved a great deal since then.

The names of the Houses are as follows:

  • FOX

John Fox of Fox and Sons brewery, they were patrons of the original school in 1851.


Tom Durrant, an ex-pupil who won the Victoria Cross in 1942.


Mr WG Hollowell was the first Head Teacher of the amalgamated junior and infant schools an 1952 and led the junior school through the difficult war years.


Bernard Parker was Head Teacher of the school from 1964 to 1987

The children in Years 3 to 6 vote to elect House Captains and Vice Captains, but this is only after they have successfully run a campaign and canvassed for votes by making a speech in assembly. The House Captains wear their badges with pride and have responsible roles during the school year. In addition to this the Senior Management Team elects a Head Boy and Head Girl.

In addition to House Captains Year 6 children carry out the roles of Monitors and Prefects. Monitors are responsible for specific tasks to help the school day run smoothly.