Green Street Green Primary School



At Green Street Green Primary school, we facilitate opportunities for children to participate in a variety of musical experiences. Through these experiences, we aim to build confidence and enjoyment, as well as exposing children to a range of music from a variety of backgrounds and cultures.


Teaching is integrated, practical, exploratory and child-led. Although explicit music objectives are taught, we also provide children with skills that can be applied to many areas, including listening, appraising, and the art of performing. Our music scheme of work is Charanga and it complements the curriculum and scaffolds the learning opportunities throughout the Key Stages. In each year group, previous learning forms the basis of teaching, and skills and understanding are developed. We focus on musical figures from history, as well as current and popular musicians. Technology is used to support the teaching of music, and students have the opportunities to conduct research, as well as choosing their own music to listen to and appraise. Specialist apps are also used to aid children when composing pieces, which they then go on to perform and record. Our pupils also benefit from our transport links to London, allowing them to visit some of the most famous music venues in the world. We believe that first-hand experiences are vital in the understanding of a subject. Music is personal to each individual and we support children to develop their descriptive skills when learning how music can represent feelings and emotions. With this in mind, children receive a personalised diet, through discussion with their peers about what they have heard. By the end of KS2, our children are confident expressing their views and performing, as well as having a solid understanding of the structure and organisation of music and the correct terminology. As children get older, we expect them to maintain their concentration for longer and to listen to more extended pieces of music. We teach them the disciplined skills of recognising pulse and pitch, timbre, texture, dynamics, structure and notation. In addition to this, children are taught how to work with others to compose music and perform for an audience. At Green Street Green, we have a specialist music studio, with a range of instruments and resources, as well as a number of teachers with musical expertise. We have a choir, flute ensemble, and peripatetic teachers to provide children with individual lessons. Children have the opportunity to develop and utilise the skills they have acquired during their lessons, by performing during whole school and class assemblies and Christmas performances.


Students in year 6 end their time in primary education with a musical production. We believe that music is an inclusive subject, which meets the needs of a range of learners. Children leave Green Street Green able to appreciate the benefits and impact music has had on our society, helping to develop their individual opinions and personalities.