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At Green Street Green we are very proud of the Wellbeing support we offer to children, families and staff. Mrs Morkill (AHT Inclusion) has completed the Senior Mental Health Leader training. Mrs Barnes is very well qualified as a Family Worker. Many other staff have a particular interest in wellbeing and mental health, including our trained Mental Health First Aiders and Emotional Literacy Support Assistants.
GSG Wellbeing & Mental Health Strategy
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Wellbeing and mental health is woven into everything we do at Green Street Green Primary School, from our curriculum areas, including RSHE, to our extra activities such as allotment, and the assembly program. Our ethos and values support positive mental health. 


Family Support Worker

Miss Barnes is our Family Worker and is a point of contact for families who have any concerns about their child in relation to school, or are experiencing difficulties at home which are affecting family wellbeing.  As well as providing emotional and practical support, advice and information to all families in the school community. Family life can be challenging.  A new situation at school or home can cause anxiety and changes in behaviour which can lead to frustration or conflict.  Miss Barnes, along with working closely with Mrs Morkill (Inclusion Manager), can work with families, school staff and, when necessary, outside agencies, to help get things back on the right track.  In times of stress, confusion, change or loss, having someone to talk to, who can offer a new perspective, may make a big difference and could stop a problem from escalating.  She will listen without judgement and put parents in touch with the relevant agency.

If you need any advice or are worried about a particular situation at home or school, please get in touch.  You can contact me by email via the school office at to arrange a private chat. 

Bromley Food Bank Information

We work closely with the Bromley Borough Foodbank both raising money for, and advising parents and carers to contact them when in need. Please click HERE for more information. 

Helpful Links for Mental Health and Wellbeing

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Financial Advice/Support

Relationship Difficulties

Parenting Advice/Support



  • Free confidential advice service on debt, benefits, employment & housing problems for those on low income or benefits (paid for by legal aid) Helpline: 0845 345 4345


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