Green Street Green


Some of our policies are specific to Green Street Green Primary School and are ratified by our local Governing Body.  Other policies and statutory documents are owned and ratified by the trust; South Orpington Learning Alliance Multi Academy Trust. 

Green Street Green Primary Policies

Snow Procedures

Behaviour and Relationships

Child Friendly Child Protection Policy

Home Learning

SEND and Inclusion Policy

Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy

SOLA Policies 


These can be found on the South Orpington Learning Alliance Multi- Academy Trust Website, here: 

  SOLA Policies

Policies owned and ratified by the trust include but are not limited to: 

SOLA Admissions Arrangements

SOLA Attendance 

SOLA Charging and Remissions 

SOLA Collective Worship

SOLA Complaints Procedure

SOLA Data Protection 

SOLA Educational Visits 

SOLA First Aid and Medication Administration 

SOLA Food Policy

SOLA Health and Safety Policy

SOLA Online Safety Policy

SOLA Positive Handling 

SOLA Privacy Notice - Pupil Information and Staff Information

SOLA Supporting Children with a Family Member in Prison

SOLA Whistleblowing Procedures

We are also required to follow some Local Authority Policies and Procedures 

Bromley Protocol for Children not Collected from School

Operation Encompass