Green Street Green Primary School

School Meals

We are very proud of our fantastic catering team.

Nourish Contract Catering are the provider of meals at all of the South Orpington Learning Alliance (SOLA) schools. 

All meals are prepared to the School Food Standards 2014 regulations and are freshly prepared on our premises. The menus are based on fresh, seasonal, food that use less fat, less salt and less sugar. Each day there is a choice of two hot homemade dishes, one of which one is vegetarian. There is also a pasta option and jacket potatoes are available each day, with a choice of fillings.

Recent research has shown that a good healthy meal at lunchtime can help improve children’s attention and responses during afternoon lessons.

What our children have to say about the School Dinners………

“It is like eating at the Harvester”


“They are tastier now, it is real food!”


“The choice is better and the portions are bigger”


“I love the fish and the roast chicken. It really is chicken!”


“I love the salad selection and the puddings!”


“Even the vegetables are good”


Current School Meal Menu

Current Gluten Free Menu

Current Dairy Free Menu

Current Deli School Menu - Years 5 & 6 only

Special Menu - Thursday 16th May 2024




Children are able to choose their meal choice on a daily basis at morning registration:

The children will be asked which meal choice they would like at morning registration (meat, vegetarian or jacket potato option), this will be noted on a dinner register.  At lunchtime, the children will be given a coloured wristband relevant to their food choice to indicate to the kitchen staff what they have ordered.  It would greatly assist us, especially for the KS1 children, if you are able to discuss the options each day from the menu above, so that the children have an idea of what they might like when the teacher takes the register.


Packed lunch guidance

Have you included…


  • A portion of starchy food, eg wholegrain bread or roll, pitta, pasta or rice salad?


  • Plenty of fruit and vegetables, eg an apple, satsuma, tomatoes, fruit chunks, raisins?


  • A portion of dairy food, e.g. cheese portion or yogurt?


  • A portion of lean meat, fish, egg or alternative?


  • A drink, e.g. water, semi skimmed milk or fruit juice?


All trust schools are nut free zones, therefore no nut products should be included as part of the packed lunch. Children should not share food. The children will be encouraged to wash their hands before they eat.

Ideally packed lunches should not contain crisps, confectionery, chocolate or chocolate-coated products as they offer little nutritional benefit.  Cutting out foods that are high in salt and sugar creates a healthier lunch for your child and you can do this by simply swapping crisps, sweet biscuits and chocolate bars for foods like dried fruit, chunks of cheese, a low-sugar yogurt or fruit-based desserts containing at least 50% fruit. 

The Change 4 Life website; gives ideas and suggestions for healthier lunches.

We do not have facilities to refrigerate packed lunches, so consideration should be given to choices.