Green Street Green

Vision and Values

Our School Vision and Values

‘To be an inspirational, dedicated and skilful team, to create passionate and successful lifelong learners equipped for their future journey’

Our vision statement was devised following input for children, staff, parents and governors. It summarises what Green Street Green Primary is about.

Our values are what we feel are important to deliver our vision. These are our four ‘E’s: Encourage, Excite, Experience, Excel.

Successful learning is about exciting interest, giving children a wide variety of experiences, providing encouragement to face any challenge and the opportunity to excel in all areas.

In the entrance hall of our school is our values tree which will give you examples of how are values are put into practice across the school.

Aims and Objectives of the School

We want our pupils to perform at their best because they feel happy and enjoy their learning.

We will:

1. make sure the school is a safe place where they feel their minds and bodies are cared for

2. deliver the National Curriculum in a stimulating and vibrant learning environment

3. give them self confidence, by showing them what they have done well and celebrate their personalities

4. provide them with opportunities to learn independently, with partners or in groups

5. congratulate them for trying hard and recognise their achievements

6. help them with all of their subjects so that they become inquisitive learners

7. teach them to show consideration and respect for all other adults and children

8. make the school a place where they know others are not allowed to hurt, upset or bully them

9. provide a healthy school environment and an understanding of how to lead a healthy life

We provide equal opportunities and treat all children as individuals, meeting their own needs by:

1. making sure learning experiences are suited to the learner

2. giving them the skills and confidence to question and debate

3. sharing high expectations, challenging children to do their best

4. giving them opportunities to show how creative they can be

5. making sure they are heard and their words are valued

6. showing them how to be proud of their own level of health and fitness

7. building upon their successes to set further goals for achievement

8. helping them to self evaluate and set their own targets

We want to help them discover what makes them special individuals and to appreciate their role in the wider community.

We will:

1. help them understand that they have a valuable role to play in the wider world and encourage them to consider what that role might be

2. help them see why respect, self control and consideration for others all make the world a better place

3. show them they are responsible for their own actions

4. expect them to care for the school’s buildings, environment and equipment

5. teach them how to understand and appreciate other races, religions, beliefs and ways of life

6. work in partnership with their parents/carers, all the school staff and anyone else who is important in their lives

7. help them deal with changes and prepare them for moving on to Secondary School